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- Société des Musiciens Extraordinaires, ( Somextro or in short: SME) aims to identify and select exceptional talent (composers and performers as ensembles) in the field of contemporary music in a classical music surrounding
-The SME wants contemporary music to be better known as an art form and as a phenomenon in a classic surrounding
- The SME initiates both tangible and intangible knowledge and the connection between composers, performers, ensembles, public/ stakeholders and all related organizations in the field of modern music
- The SME provides a platform with today's digital features that allow the connection and contact to be made via the website and related social media. In addition, the SME organizes concerts annually and / or mediates in this.
- The mission and activities of the SME be worn and carried out by an (inter) active community of members and visitors through the website, annual meetings and new initiatives arising from the activities of the community.

-Team Somextro
Maurice, Geoffrey, Anneke, Ruud en Fred


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